The Organization of the V Meeting – Update on Cardiac Surgery is offering a limited number of grants.

The grants will cover the costs of registration, transportation and accommodation. Grants will be awarded in order of request until reaching the maximum available Candidates for a grant must meet the following requirements:

  • Any of the following areas of expertise:
    1. Adult Cardiac Surgeon staff
    2. Cardiac Surgery resident
    3. Anesthesiologist specialized in Cardiac Surgery or Transcatheter procedures
    4. Cardiologist (either staff or resident)
  • The candidate agrees to attend all the sessions of the
  • The candidate can communicate in English and agrees to actively participate in the
  • Any interested who submits a video to the organization will automatically receive a
  • Candidates must fill the grant form and include a little comment of their expertise in the field Additional Information

Discount Code

Discount codes might be eventually provided on request or if grants are denied. The discount code will exclusively cover the registration fees.

To request a discount code please send an email to